Can I wear my SizeGenetics at work?

Are you finding a way to enhance your sex life and pleasure your woman? Have you already bought your SizeGenetics and just finding a time for its application? Well, calm down a bit because this article will help you through!

Of course, first, you have to keep in mind to buy the right size for you to keep yourself comfortable.  Luckily enough, SizeGenetics was designed to give you that kind of comfort that will make you able to wear it for longer periods of time.

A size too small for your penis would constrict the blood flow to the penis, making it painful and discomforting; a symptom would be your manhood to feel cold (for you or your partner).

The safe guide to wear extender devices at work

With this, yes, you can wear this penis enlarger at work, but there are certain precautions and reminders to consider.

Men had problems with using these devices at work because they said it felt uncomfortable with how obvious the device is under the clothing. You wouldn’t want your colleagues to see a non-moveable looking piece against your crotch, right? Here are a couple of ways to solve your problem!

Keep in mind that you have to buy a darker shade of pants because this is the best way to conceal the device. Also buy a larger size to give more crotch space (and rest assured, this will make the experience more comfortable than ever).

Although some men caught their colleagues staring in between their legs, you can leave an impression that you’re hiding a beast inside your pants.

It seems like a pain for you? Once you got everything sorted out (by following the guide), you’ll be gaining more than you thought with longer periods for wearing your SizeGenetics.